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Part I of Langezandt Fishermen`s Village – 199 Erven – has been serviced and fully sold out. Part II of the development is now being sold.



1. Chapel

2. Prayer Park

3. Business Village

4. Equestrian

5. Eco Living

6. Beachfront Hotel

7. Beachfront Homes

8. Main Village Entrance

9. Secondary Village Entrance

10. Retirement Village


A 2 hectare parcel of land was donated to a local church that has a passion to build their own spiritual home, that will serve the broader community.

Under the inspiring leadership of Paster N.G Immelman, who was called to this particular symbolic point in Africa, the Southpoint Christian Community was established 5 years ago and has gone from strength to strength.

The church chapel will be situated adjacent to the Prayer Park for Africa and will be built in accordance with the architectural guidelines as laid down for Langezandt.


As inhabitants of our beautiful continent Africa – we have a burden and a spiritual heart for the well being, upliftment and dignity of all its people.

The symbolic place of where this development is situated – at the southernmost tip of Africa – demanded a reflection and we were inspired and called upon to honor Him in our concerns for our continent as He promises the “if you humble yourselves and confess your sins I will heal your land”

From this was born a vision to create 5 hectare park, a place of solitude, where people and tourists, in visiting this beautiful region, could stop by and spend a moment or moments in quiet and have the opportunity to lift and present Africa and her people to a Higher Throne.

This could become a significant and symbolic experience in their visit at the southernmost tip of Africa.

The Prayer Park could also be used for outdoor gatherings, concerts, plays and conferences dealing with the spiritual well being of Africa and Her people.

It will consist of an outdoor amphitheatre, areas of peace and tranquility, possibly a huge map of Africa laid out on the ground where people could stand on a specific country on which they wish to reflect, or pray for.

We invite ideas and proposals from anybody who may share our spiritual burden and vision for this area of Langezandt


In order to present to tourists a glimpse of what is special and unique about South Africa, the Southern Cape and in particular the charm of the life of the fisher folk over many many years, we intend creating a Fishermen’s Trading village/ werf at the entrance to Langezandt along the major access road to the region, and adjacent to the Prayer Park for Africa.

The vision in this instance, is to have various free standing cottages around two interlinked squares with two focal points: a museum that will relate the life led by the fishing communities and their special relationship with the sea; and a fresh-fish market showcasing and serving the rich harvests from our two oceans – the Indian and the Atlantic meeting point, a mere 7 kilometers away.

Furthermore, various crafts from the area and region will be produced and sold on site. Restaurants and coffee shops will cater for the hungry and it is hoped that we will be able to provide an outlet for the talented performing artists of this region in conjunction with local role-players


The enjoyment of an area so rich, vast and open could only be improved by experiencing it all from the gentle sway of a willing friend – on horseback. The people and their children who associate with our vision for Langezandt may also want the benefit of having a local permanent four legged companion on site.

A quaint traditional set of stables will be built, and sold, where your horse could be kept and cared for by a dedicated management team for the equestrian center

You arrive – be nice to your friend and off you go – if he/she chooses to oblige!

You will have access to kilometers of beach riding and nature trails in the area!


 Whilst some investors may gravitate towards the obvious joys of beachfront-living, others may take advantage of the economic attractiveness of living just one row off the beachfront or.

The quiet little gem at Langezandt, we believe will turn out to be the Eco-Living quarter.

Why? Well try and picture approximately 30 hectare of undeveloped habitat, a water lake of 2 hectare at the centre, all of this surrounded by scattered little “awkward” fishermen’s cottages – built from stone and whitewashed, with gravel roads meandering between them – no boundary walls – all very natural and rural.

This area will provide an opportunity for bird life and small animal life to flourish, for the benefit of all to enjoy, with bird watching viewpoints and walking trails throughout.

A tranquil, close to nature experience of man at peace with himself and the surroundings.


What would a private estate be without a social “waterhole” and a venue to feed the gourmet residents at Langezandt?

We decided to provide an area where a small exclusive hotel could be placed that will care for the needs of the residents and visitors alike. The residents will have the benefit of having it all within walking distance of their special home. The hotel is anticipated to have no more than 40 rooms and will command a glorious position right on the beach.

The quiet little gem at Langezandt, we believe will turn out to be the Eco-Living quarter.

Should you be an operator or investor wishing to operate/own this faculty you are invited to speak to the developers of Langezandt.


For those wishing to wake up with the son rising over the ocean and the sea breeze drifting in, this is the position to own. The last 10 beachfront erven was released recently.


The entrance to the estate will be subject to strict access control to visitors and service providers to the estate via the gate house to be constructed. Current access to the estate is given via the secondary entrance.


The secondary entrance is currently be used to access Langezandt. In future, this entrance will act as a secondary entrance/exit point to accommodate the easy flow of traffic during high season times.


Overlooking the Ecozone, a fully-fledged retirement village -193 units – is planned for the estate and will be referred to as Zuidste Baai retirement village.  The facilities will include a bowling green, club house, lounge, indoor gym as well as full care facilities and a medical clinic.